Does Green Tea have Caffeine?

Yes, green tea has caffeine. But in lower amounts then coffee. However since you can often drink more green tea you will get the same amount of caffeine.

The benefits of using green tea in weight loss are numerous as it is a natural food product. It is also used in many diet supplements and weight loss pills as a component because of the nutrients and benefits it has. It also actively assists the body to lose weight. Before you embark on the green tea weight loss diet, you must fully understand the way it works because just like any other weight loss program, you need to work hard, exercise and eat right to lose weight.

Green tea increases the body’s metabolism rate. This process is known as thermogenesis. The way drinking of green tea does this is, because it contains high amounts of catechin polyphenols (like caffeine) which are compounds that increase thermogenesis. The way this happens is that this compounds causes fat stored in the body to be released into the blood stream so that it is used as fuel. They also aid the body to shed this fat by burning it and getting rid of extra water in the body and excess energy which is produced by burning fat.

Polyphenols is a compound that activates the enzymes that dissolves triglycerides and polyphenols are found in green tea. Triglycerides are stored fats in the body and when they are in excess amounts then there is obesity. Discernible weight loss is seen after a long period of time, since the amounts of fat burned are not enough for weight loss that is obvious.

To lose weight you need to combine exercise with a dietary change such as eating more vegetables and fruits. Drinking green tea will help boost your body metabolism, burn calories and increase the energy your body produces and it helps build muscle. Muscles lead to increased metabolism so that even when you are sedentary, muscles burn more fat as compared to fat. The way green tea aids fat loss while exercising is that it makes your body release stored fat which are burned while exercising as opposed to using carbohydrates that are in your digestive system. This makes you lose weight faster.

Green tea also blocks fat absorption so that you tend to burn the fat rather than your body storing it which leads to weight gain. It is also a healthy alternative to drinking fizzy and carbonated drinks such as sodas which have high levels of sugar which are a big contributing factor to adding weight. When you drink green tea as an alternative to coffee and soft drinks then it will hydrate you, and provide benefits such as nutritional value and antioxidants which prevents diseases such as cancers, heart diseases and other ailments.

Another way that green tea helps in weight loss is that it helps you by lowering your appetite. This happens since green tea controls the way glucose is released into your system. If you don’t have enough glucose in your system, this sends signals to your brain so that you feel hungry and replenish the glucose supplies by eating. If you are used to eating junk food or binge eating, drinking green tea can help you regulate that kind of eating and it is also good to drink it while dieting as it will help reduce food cravings. Green tea will also maintain LDL cholesterol levels in your body so that if you have lost weight, that weight loss is maintained.

Green tea weight loss will be effective only if combined with exercise and diet changes. The benefits of using green tea with exercise and diet produces results faster as compared to someone who doesn’t drink green tea. A person who drinks green tea will still have less body fat as compared to one who doesn’t if both don’t exercise.

Another health benefit of using green tea weight loss diet is that green tea contains caffeine. You will also be more relaxed and will concentrate better because green tea contains theanine which is a natural relaxant. Green tea is also a natural product meaning your body will respond well to it without experiencing the side effects associated with medications and weight loss surgery.